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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 00:00

Club Students Learn Valuable Life Lesson

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It was a gorgeous Saturday morning in Boyle Heights and the students were already on vacation. Accompanying their new best friend, Board Member Alonso Silva, 8 students were able to learn a valuable life lesson in a tiny room off the football field of Br. Tom Keegan Stadium. Nestled in a small storage room is an 18 ft. tall sculpture of the Once A Mustang Monument designed and currently under construction by the famous artist Dan Medina (Class of 1986). This visit was not about autographs, meeting the artist, or even learning the process of making sculptures with foam, clay, latex, wax, sand, and bronze; we learned how to be agents of change.

The stunning monument is a gift to Salesian High School on behalf of all graduating classes designed to create an endowment and scholarship program for students, especially for those most in need at Salesian. The alumni understand their gift of education and formation and are giving back in a big way. (For more information, go to

Mr. Silva, Salesian Boys & Girls Club alumnus and graduate of Salesian (Class of 1978), takes great pride in his statement of how the Club “literally saved my life” and how Salesian HS formed him into being an upright citizen and good Christian. Now, outstanding community leaders like Dan and Alonso are both passing on the tradition of being agents of change to a younger generation.

The students were clearly impressed by the monument but are being transformed by the care and dedication of outstanding men like Dan and Alonso. May we all accept Don Bosco’s invitation to use our gifts and talents to transform future generations.

Be Great. Be Salesian.

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