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Monday, 22 December 2014 00:00

Annual Christmas Challenge Rocks!

Local Catholic middle school teams faced off in the Club’s annual Christmas Challenge basketball tournament earlier this month. The tournament is a major program for the Club and raises funds for the members of our Keystone leadership group.

Keystone consists of high school kids who participate in the Club’s programs by taking an active role in assisting the staff and younger kids. The group also provides the Club with volunteers for summer camp. Proceeds from the tournament go to fund college campus tours and trips to their annual conference.

The Tournament provides the local Catholic schools the opportunity to play in a well-organized basketball competition that accommodates both boys and girls. It is the only middle school tournament with a program for girls.

The tournament enabled over 300 kids to join in the fun, and will help provide traveling expenses for 30+ teens.

The Club strives to provide opportunities for the community, encouraging positive competitive sports, raising funds for high school kids to explore education, and bringing parents together in a positive environment.

Special thanks to Fr. Jesse at St Mary’s for allowing parents to park in the Church’s lot and Mr. Sam Robles for use of the Salesian High School gym.

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