Salesians Saints Evangelization program


“Salesian Saints”


“Salesian Saints” is a long-term spirituality-based evangelization program for Club members, staff, and volunteers in the style of St. John Bosco.


Following the model of Don Bosco, "Salesian Saints" enables the transformation of the entire community to develop a strong mind, body, and soul. The program is aimed at forming Club members and stakeholders to become “saints” through a healthy lifestyle anchored to a genuinely developed spirituality. Transformation only occurs when the soul is dignified and empowered.

Goal of Evangelization Program

Addressing the third component of "Mind - Body - Soul," the goal of the evangelization program is to identify the factors of a modern day “saint” and develop a reasonable Club culture empowering the young develop their spirituality.

Program Components

First Phase: Staff and Volunteer Formation.

Staff and volunteers are well-versed in youth development and youth spirituality through monthly trainings, instructional videos, and professional development opportunities. St. John Bosco’s style is based exclusively on healthy relationships between adults and children.

Second Phase: Clear and Consistent Values Messaging.

Each month’s theme incorporates values messaging and discussion aimed at establishing mutual respect and a dignified culture. Banners, t-shirts, daily prayer, and weekly activities deliver opportunities for children and their families to understand and assimilate values into their daily lives. Some examples are respect, kindness, compassion, commitment, service.

Third phase: Invitation to Age-Appropriate Groups.

Children are invited to join age-appropriate small groups to further investigate and understand designated monthly values and other opportunities for spiritual growth. Examples of group dynamics are essay contests, field trips, service projects, animal kindness, leadership opportunities, and social time.

Fourth Phase: Invitation to Accompany Club in Community Transformation Projects.

Children and their families are invited to further grow the application of values and spiritual development at a community-wide level. The Club facilitates various opportunities for the community, such as community beautification projects, 5K walks, animal kindness projects, prayer and worship opportunities, lobbying for local initiatives, etc.

Fifth Phase: Invitation to Discover and Develop Personal Vocation.

Children are invited to further investigate other opportunities for spiritual growth and discern what God may be calling them to consider.

Be Great. Be Salesian.

You can make a difference in a young person's life