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You are invited!

You are an important part of our organization, without you, we won't be able to serve the children of our community and now we want to celebrate your contribution by inviting you to our Salesian Gala 22


FEBRUARY 24, 2024



Since 2016 the Salesian Family Youth Center has been led by Jc Montenegro, Ph.D., and his team. For the last six years, the organization has been guided by two strategic plans that respond to the organizational needs. Among the key milestones the organization has strengthened: are the programs, networking with local organizations, and online presence, among others. The organizational impact for the last four years can be found on our website at Community Impact | Salesian Family Youth Center (

Once the organization has been strengthened at the programmatic level, which means, we have a more robust, and variety of programs. Now we are ready to fundraise to keep serving the children of our community. To accomplish this objective, we have planned a Gala to celebrate the joy of serving the children of our community. The Gala will take place at The Castaway at Burbank from 7 PM to midnight.


To provide an amazing experience of friendship to all our stakeholders; by putting together a Gala that will celebrate the work being done at our organization. To raise funds to keep serving the children of our community.

Ways to support out Gala:

  • Become a sponsor; By becoming a sponsor, you are able to be help our community. Here you have the possible sponsorship opportunities. Note: Open donations are welcome!

Donate action items

You can also be part of our Gala by donating action items, for more information please email

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Thank you!

For thinking about us!

  • Participate by buying a Gala table; The Gala table can fit up to 10 persons. The price of the table is 2,500 dollars

  • Participate by buying a one place at the Gala; One place at the Gala costs 250 dollars per person, and you will be entitled to sit at the table with other guests. 

All our participants will enjoy of


  • A beautiful place with a fantastic view of the ocean and the sky towers of Long Beach

  • All night open bar

  • Amazing youth awards and entertaining provided by the children and young people of our community. 

  • A magical moment where you feel special by making a difference. 

How can I buy my sponsorship or table? 


1.- By Check, talk to one of our representatives to reserve the table and send a check to:


Salesian Family Youth Center

2228 East 4th Street.

Los Angeles CA 90033


2.- Online Payment, go to our website and click on donations, then select one time donation, and in the donation note/comment, please add if you are sponsoring, buying a table or individual seating. Please keep in mind that the donation platform will charge 3% additional fee for the transaction. 


Thank you

For considering being part of our Gala! We will have an amazing event prepared just for you!

For more information follow us in our Instagram or Facebook @SalesianClubsLA

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