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The SFYC helped me to improve my professional skills by Amber Greene

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Hello, my name is Amber Greene, and I was an intern at the Salesian Family Youth Center from January 2021 to June 2022. My position title was “Graphic Artist and Communication Specialists.” During my internship, I designed a variety of communication materials from infographics, flyers, posters and more. I also strategized and created communication plans for campaigns. Working with the Salesian Youth Center allowed me to gain professional work experience, but more importantly, I gained valuable skills and knowledge. Although my internship has ended, I continue to work on projects for the center. Doing so allows me to use my creativity for a better cause helping children in need.

Work Completed

The first project I worked on was the Membership Campaign. I designed flyers, t-shirts, and stickers for this campaign. These materials are awarded to members depending on their status. A membership status is determined on how much money is donated per month by the donor. This project was very important because I learned the importance on including a bleed when designing documents.

Another fun project I worked on was designing stickers for the Salesian Volunteers. These were created to advertise the program and thank the volunteers for all their hard work. To promote the missionary and organization on social media, I created a variety of posts for our platforms.

I have worked on a variety of brochures for the SFYC. This brochure represents the SHOUT program and the services it offers. This project taught me how to incorporate a large quantity of text in a small document. I was also able to apply softer transparencies on the shapes used behind the information.

Creating the brand manual for the SFYC was one of my favorite projects. I was able to highlight important aspects of the center from brand identity to the importance of the logo. Placing this information into a single document unifies the brand and the values it holds.

If you would like to see the complete profile of what I did for the Salesians, please, follow the link below!

Salesian Internship Portfolio
Download PDF • 31.12MB

I want to thank the Salesians for giving me the opportunity to use my gifts to serve the children of our community!


Amber Greene

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