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We were on the NEWS and more!

Hello, dear Salesian Family Members! We have some exciting news to share with you. For the last two months, we have been swamped doing good :) In this e-news, you will find what we have been up to and what is coming next! I hope you enjoy it!


Channel 62 visited our youth center and created this video shown on local TV. They compared our Clubhouse with an oasis! The news is only two minutes long and expresses who we are and what we do for the children of our community. I hope you enjoy this small video.


Taking young people to visit the Universities in Northern California. The Salesian Family Youth Center and the STEM Academy of Boyle Heights HS took 18 young people to visit different universities during the spring break.

For some of these young people, it was the first time they had visited cities like San Francisco and Sacramento. Some of them were surprised by the possibilities that could be open if they chose to go to a university.

Among the universities visited are Stanford, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, San Jose State, San Francisco State, and UC Santa Cruz.


Alumni Fundraising raised 12,256 dollars!!! This last weekend our alumni group gather to celebrate life, fundraise and support the children of our community. It was a lovely event where friendship was celebrated, and a sense of hope for the future was alive.

The money for this event will be used for leadership development and to support our summer camp program.


Advocating for young people in the State Capital, Jc Montenegro and Luis Chacon accompany the LA Chamber of Commerce on their annual advocacy trip to Sacramento. The delegation met state legislators and discussed policies that would encourage economic growth and job creation in our communities, with each meeting reinforcing the importance of being visible in Sacramento.


Clay Workshop to help children with their mental health! Thank you to CLAY.D.D. and Maya Fuhr for doing a clay workshop with our We Care students where they learned the healing qualities of clay! Our students enjoyed created works of art with air drying clay.


Basketball League champions from our neighborhood. Our Adult basketball league just crowned their Winter 2022 champions the Boyle Heights Blazers! Congrats to them and if you are interested in joining the league our Summer session begins June 6th, email for more information.


Financial Workshop to improve the life of our young adults; Thank you to Mark Kennington who provided a Financial Literacy Workshop for our staff! They were able to learn about budgeting and planning for retirement. This was awesome information that helps our staff begin planning for their financial futures!


Summer Camp Registration now available!!!! Our Camper Registrations have opened for our summer camp. If you know any children who would benefit from this amazing program, please let us know, we will be most of happy to reach out to them. If you have any question feel free to contact us!


Please save the date - Salesian Family Youth Center Open House! We will open our house on May 26, 2022, to welcome all of you! Please honor us with your presence. We will be celebrating the youth of the year, and you will have the opportunity to see everything that we do here at the Salesian Family Youth Center.

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