WE CARE  at the Salesian Family Youth Center

In 2014 the Salesian Family Youth Center of Los Angeles conducted research to find out the needs of the community. A concern that was brought to the attention of the organization was that there were over 100 children on the waitlist for the Public Afterschool Program.

It was at this point that the Salesian Boys & Girls Club decided to put together an outreach program that would help
families by providing a place for children to do their homework, have fun, get ahead and strengthen areas of academic difficulties.

The name of Salesian's program, “We Care” derives from the Salesian mission of strengthening education and structure for the future of our youth. Every choice, innovation or action the We Care Afterschool Program pursues is to benefit and develop the youth from the surrounding community, so that the community itself can grow as well.

What started off as a mere concern and idea has now developed into a flourishing program that focuses on not only the academic success of the youth, but the complete balance of the child as a whole.


Through independent funding, 21st Century Grants and After School Education and Safety Grants, the Salesian Boys & Girls Club provides a well rounded after school program consisting of academic assistance, enrichment and physical activity components to students at Roosevelt High School

The SHOUT After school program provides activities and services at Roosevelt High School in the following areas: academic assistance, educational enrichment, sports and physical activity, and provide a daily hot meal to all students.


Camp Salesian provides each camper with opportunities to develop their Emotional Intelligence and explore the world out of their electronics. Our campers establish strong connections while learning the values of collaboration and respect in a Salesian environment while developing their relationship with God.

Our Salesian Camp in Boyle Heights offer a 6-week summer experience to all the children between 5 and 18 years old. Our Camp provides a loving and welcoming environment, exciting activities like games, outings, arts and crafts, cheers and more! While providing a safe environment for the children and a peace of mind for the parents. We strive to be a unique camp by creating an environment where the children can grow emotionally and spirituality. 

Goals & Objectives for our Summer Camp

  1. To provide opportunities that stimulate the development of each camper’s self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

  2. To help all campers appreciate their life and how God has blessed them.

  3. To provide situations for campers to set goals and challenge themselves while working as a team.

  4. To allow each child to get out of their comfort zone by cheering and participating in rallies.

The children that we serve

Campers- the majority of our participants are children from immigrant’s families who do not have a place for their children to be while they are working. We serve to low-income families, 95% of our children are in some type of campership (Scholarship). Children are dropped off as early as 7AM and go home at 6PM.

Counselors- our program is also designed to give an opportunity to our young people to serve as camp counselors. 99% of our teenagers are from Hispanic background. They come to the club with the idea of helping children to grow while having a service experience that they can use in their future endaveours.

If these children are not  at the club, they will be at the mercy of the streets with all the dangers it implies.

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