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Enhancing Service Quality Through Team Improvement at Salesian Family Youth Center. By JC Montenegro, PhD.

Performance evaluation helps us to achieve our goals!
LA Chamber of Commerce Small Business Member of the year award.

The Salesian Family Youth Center is committed to nurturing holistic development in young people, one way to improve the quality of service we provide is by enhancing the quality of our team members through performance evaluation for nonprofits . At the Salesian Family Youth Center, which is dedicated to holistic youth development, we recently completed our admin team performance evaluation. This evaluation is critical because it allows all team members to share their perceptions of each other with the sole objective of providing constructive criticism that helps us become a better team.


The Evaluation Process

The evaluation process involved several steps:


  • Surveys and Self-Evaluations: Each team member filled out surveys and conducted a self-evaluation.

  • Peer Evaluations: Team members then evaluated each other based on the following criteria: communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, leadership skills, job knowledge and experience, adaptability, mission orientation, work ethic, interpersonal skills, innovation and creativity, and suggestions for improvement.

  • Consolidation of feedback: all the information is analyzed and organized in a way that can be presented to the team member.


Although the process was somewhat lengthy, the results are remarkable.


Personal Insights and Team Report

On a personal level, I gained valuable insight into how my team members perceive me. I also identified areas where I face challenges. Seeing these challenges articulated helped me find ways to improve. Additionally, we have a comprehensive team report that highlights what we need to work on to become better team players and continue serving our young people effectively. You can view the full report

TEAM Report
Download PDF • 162KB


Next Steps and Action Plan

The next step is the most challenging: combining our self-evaluations with the team evaluations and the organizational evaluation to find ways to improve the service we provide to our young people. The goal is not only to work on our mission but also to work on ourselves so we can continue serving as agents of transformation in our community.


We will develop an action plan that includes specific steps for improvement, monitoring progress, and measuring success. We welcome any suggestions or ideas that can help us in this journey.


Nonprofits like the Salesian Family Youth Center focus on a holistic approach to changing the world. How can we further improve our teamwork and collaboration? Your suggestions are welcome!

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