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LA Chamber of Commerce awarded the Salesian Family Youth Center... and more!!!

Thank you so much for being part of our Salesian Family! This month, our center had plenty of activities and exciting moments. We hope you like this short resume of everything happening at the Salesian Family Youth Center.

Let's start...

Small Business Members of the Year Award for the Salesian Family Youth Center

The Salesian Family Youth Center proudly accepts the "Small Business Member of the Year" award from the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce on January 25th. This accolade celebrates our commitment to community, partnerships, and excellence, inspiring us to continue making a positive impact in Boyle Heights. Gratitude to the Chamber and our supporters for their ongoing encouragement.


Salesian Winter Break: Keeping the Doors Open

During the winter break, our commitment to the community knew no bounds. Despite the chilly weather, some of our staff members recognized the importance of keeping the Salesian Family Youth Center open. We didn't close our doors during the Winter Break; instead, we adjusted our operations to continue providing support to the children in the community.


Camp Salesian: Getting Ready for Summer

While winter lingers, our Head Staff is already focused on summer. From January 8th to 10th, we began the interview process for potential leaders for our summer camp, "Camp Salesian." These young leaders, who grew up in Camp Salesian, now seek to give back to the community what they once received.


Measuring Impact: Numbers That Tell Stories

Dr. Alex del Carmen, president of the Salesian Cooperators, leads the initiative to measure the impact of the Salesian Family Youth Center on the community. With a background in criminology, Alex asserts that the center's presence has significantly contributed to crime prevention. We are in our second meeting to analyze the data and better understand how we are influencing the community.


Salesian Youth Movement: Uniting Forces for the Future

Youth is like water, and the Salesians serve as the riverbed. We are excited to initiate the structuring of the Salesian Youth Movement in Boyle Heights. The Salesian Family Youth Center collaborates closely with the parishes of St Mary’s and Santa Isabel to strengthen the Youth Ministry. Our first step involves synodality, through surveys and interviews, engaging parish leaders and parishioners. Join us to follow the development of our Salesian Youth Movement.


Strategic Collaborations: Shannon the Chef and Neil Grunig

Renowned chef Shannon visited our center to brainstorm cooking workshops for the children and youth in the community. Additionally, Neil Grunig explored potential collaborations in marketing. These connections were made possible through our presence at The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, showcasing that our network expands and translates into exciting opportunities.


Fireside Tales: Reconnecting with the Past at the Salesian Family Youth Center

As we welcome the new year, we had the pleasure of hosting Hector Payán, former Program Coordinator of the Salesian Family Youth Center for 18 years. Now, we're gearing up for our first-ever barbecue, aiming to bring together former members. We invite them to share their unique stories! Know someone from the past? Encourage them to connect via email at and join us around the table for an unforgettable evening!


Senator Butler's Open House: Nurturing Youth Leadership and Opportunities

Senator Butler's Open House was an enriching experience for our Salesian Family Youth Center. Grateful for the chance to expose our youth to valuable opportunities. The outcomes included building relationships, learning resources, uplifting youth, and networking. Senator Butler's commitment to positive impact stood out. Encouraged to seek assistance, we gained insights, and she inspired us to provide feedback. 


Salesian Youth of the Year 

On January 16th we interviewed talented youth for the "Salesian Youth Of the Year". The esteemed panel of jurors, led by Jonathan Rodriguez and including Hannah Mercado, Judy Alvarez, Cathy Heutmaker, and Luis Chacon, faced the challenging task of selecting the Salesian Youth of the Year.

Save the Date: February 24th! The Gala Dinner will honor these three remarkable individuals, celebrating their inspiring journeys towards positive change.



Sacred Heart High School Transforms Our Youth Center

In a heartening visit, Sacred Heart High School students painted walls, cleaned storage, and elevated our Salesian Family Youth Center for our kids and teens. Their generosity leaves a lasting positive impact on our community. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in making our space even more beautiful.

Sacred Heart High School, you've made a significant difference, and we're grateful for your positive influence.


SHOUT: Cyberpatriot team

January 20,2024 was the day our Cyberpatriot team competed in their semi final, held in Esteban E. Torres High School. We partnered with Mr. Kim, the AP Computer Science teacher, he is a great help in this type of field. The team was able to compete against a variety of different LAUSD schools. 


SHOUT:  Anime competition

The students competed against one another in two different anime categories. This was a warm-up for the following week in which they competed again in a jeopardy game in the other pictures. They could choose groups or play individually; they opted for individuals because the winner won a prize.

The winner was our student Andrew Mancinas, who has been with Shout for over 3 years. The competition was intense and engaging!


Empowering Teens: Salesian Youth Center's Digital Marketing Program with Just Right Painting

Did you know the Salesian Youth Center teaches teens digital marketing skills?

Our curriculum covers customer service, estimating, social communication platforms, and practical experiences. Jonathan Rodríguez, CEO of Just Right Painting, recently spoke on leadership, work-life balance, mindset, and customer relations. Thanks to Jonathan and Just Right Painting for supporting our community's youth. Join us in empowering teens for a successful future!


A new International Salesian Volunteer Full Time for our Center

On January 25th, Boyle Heights warmly embraced Mario Barrios, a dedicated Salesian Missionary Volunteer from Colombia, bringing a rich background in youth pastoral work and law. Assigned to St. Mary's and St. Isabel Parishes, along with the Salesian Family Youth Center, Mario plays a crucial role in the ongoing pastoral restructuring in Boyle Heights. His collaboration with key figures underscores a commitment to holistic youth ministry. As he actively participates in Don Bosco celebrations and contributes to the Youth Ministry Pastoral Plan, Mario's presence promises an exciting chapter in the spiritual and social growth of the community. Join us in welcoming and supporting Mario in his Salesian mission in Boyle Heights.


Empowering Voices: Young Leaders Crafting Their Narrative

On January 26th, the workshop with the exceptional young leaders from Roosevelt High School's SHOUT Program at the Salesian Family Youth Center was truly inspiring! Our journey commenced with the empowering session titled "Empowering Voices: Young Leaders Crafting Their Narrative."

In this session, participants delved into self-reflection, crafting three epitaphs each to encapsulate their life philosophies. These epitaphs will shape the titles of their diaries, contributing to a collective book showcasing personal growth and leadership insights. Phrases like "You can't change your past, but you can change your future" resonate with resilience and wisdom.


Young Leader Brandon Takes Center Stage at Salesian Youth Leadership Conference

Brandon, a 16-year-old leader from the Salesian Family Youth Center, impressed at last year's Salesian Youth Leadership Conference. Now, selected as one of the few facilitators, he recently underwent intensive training in Aptos, California. His role reflects both personal growth and organizational trust. Brandon's dedication to the Salesian ideals positions him as a role model, promising an inspiring impact at the upcoming SYLC, contributing to the growth of fellow young leaders.


Jan 29th Networking and LinkedIn class with Outreach Program

On January 29th, an inspiring session unfolded at the Salesian Family Youth Center's Outreach program. A knowledgeable individual shared insights on LinkedIn and networking with eight talented teens undergoing Digital Marketing training. The discussion covered crafting impactful profiles, wise connecting strategies, and the significance of engaging with industry content. Anticipation is high to witness the growth of these future leaders!


Gratitude in Boyle Heights: St. John Bosco Celebration

On January 31st, the Salesian Family Youth Center in Boyle Heights celebrated St. John Bosco. Led by volunteer Mario Barrios, we enjoyed prayer, games, and piñatas in the parking lot. A special thank you to St. Mary's and Don Bosco Tech for generously donating toys, bringing extra joy to the children during our festivities. This collaborative effort made the celebration truly special. Viva Don Bosco!

As you can see, we are working hard to provide our children with the best experience; if you want to be part of our movement, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you want to celebrate with us, please attend our Gala! For more information about the Gala, please click here.

Viva Don Bosco!

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