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Marketing strategy and more at the Salesian Family Youth Center!

These last two months we have been working on many exciting strategies to improve our organization. In this e-news you will get updated with all the latest news on our marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy

We are working with Enroke, a marketing company from Ecuador who is helping us to develop our social media presence. This effort is part of our 2021-2025 strategic plan.

These are two of our post that you can find in our Facebook page or Instagram! We would like to invite you to please follow us on

If you have any ideas to improve our marketing strategy please let us know. We are open to any suggestions!


Ways to help the children at the Salesian Family Youth Center; If you want to be part of our strategic plan, you can help us by...

  1. Help us fundraise through Facebook. Go to Look for the Salesian Family Youth center and follow the instructions

  2. You can update your monthly donation on our website at

  3. Share our stories in our social media; this will be the best way to support our efforts.

  4. Donate your old car at

  5. Choose Salesian Family Youth Center as part of your Amazon shopping experience

  6. Be part of our donor membership

  7. AND the most important one, please pray for our staff and mission that we do for our children in the community!

As you can see there are many ways to support the children of Boyle Heights! WE NEED YOU!!!

If you would like to contact us, do not hesitate to email us at


Thank you Board Museum of Los Angeles for your donation of Art Kits to promote the art among our children. Thank you #thebroadmuseum


Supporting our confirmation programs from St. Mary's church and Santa Isabel church in Los Angeles.

The Salesian Family Youth Center is supporting the confirmation programs from these two churches. We have around 70 young people together. We meet once a month and we promote leadership skills, and self-awareness.


Thank you, Dan Murphy Foundation; this month, on November 2, 2021, one of our superheroes visited our Center. Thanks to the Dan Murphy Foundation, we can continue serving the children of Boyle Heights.


Thank you, Fr. Mel Trinidad; we also had the visit from another superhero. The Salesian Family Youth Center is part of a Province animated and governed by Fr Mel Trinidad, who visited us on October 29. He has shared with us his dreams, aspirations and has interviewed some members of the staff and the CEO to give advice and have knowledge and tools to continue supporting the Salesian Family Youth Center. During his visit, Fr Mel also had the opportunity to be scared at the Haunted House organized by some children from the We Care Program and the Teens Club.


Halloween was here!!! Culturally we try to empower young people to take leadership in our events. They got together and created this haunted house that attracted many young people from the community.


Humanitarian Leadership Training from Harvard; at the end of October, Sebastian Serrano gave us training on Humanitarian Leadership to all our admin members.


Mission Day 2021; two of our team members visited two parishes from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to promote the mission that we do here at the Salesian Family Youth Center.


Organization Strategic Plan Meeting; On Saturday, November 6, all the Salesian Family Youth Center staff members had our training meeting and review of the Strategic Plan. We are doing everything possible to help and serve the children and youth of Boyle Heights!


Celebrating Dia de los Muertos with We Care Program


Teen Club activities; Thanks to the Lakers organization, we took 50 of our We Care students and Teens from Teen Club to a Laker Game! For many, it was their first time attending a game, for which we are so grateful! Also, in honor of the spooky season, our Teen Club members went to Halloween Horror Nights!

Our last thank you is for the Big Sunday organization for having some of our staff go on a Harbor Cruise around Long Beach!


News from the We Care Program! students enjoy fun activities among them you can see STEM, arts and crafts, cooking and of course cleaning after themselves :)


News from the Youth Ministry Department; the following news shows all the work being done to help the young people of our community outside of our after-school program.

Special guests from SOWER LA visited our Salesian Oratory; a young adult youth group visited our program and shared different forms of prayer with our children. Oratorians enjoyed making their own rosaries and singing along to worship songs.

Visit from St. Dominic Savio Oratory; also in October Oratory animators (volunteers) from St. Dominic Savio gathered with animators from our youth center to share best oratory practices and spend time together. The meeting was led by our executive director JC Montenegro. He challenged the youth to reflect on the children they serve and share their experiences with one another. Animators also expressed interest in meeting up again and collaborating in the near future!

Missionary Rosary; October is the month of Missions and the month of the Rosary. Confirmation students spent an evening praying the missionary rosary for youth around the world. They also had the opportunity to attend mass and confession.

Salesians LA Core team; Collaboration amongst Salesian sites has been one of the greatest focuses of our youth ministry. We have thought of creative ways to involve youth from our different locations to gather and become part of the Salesian youth movement. To help with these efforts teens were invited to form part of a special leadership core team. Twelve youth are now part of this team that will be formed in leadership and plan special events throughout the year for our youth ministry.

Salesian Force; Coach Oda has done it again, leading our Salesian force to victory. So proud of our 6th-grade girls for winning this year's breast cancer awareness tournament!!

7/8 grade girls placed 2nd in the California Classic championship game, such a close final lost by 1point! Basketball season is not over yet.

Youth Concert at our Clubhouse; The Salesian Family Youth Center was honored to host the first-ever Heaven Bound Concert. Heaven Bound is an English/Spanish charity event that unites all Catholic Artists and YA ministries together, to encounter Jesus Christ through music. All ticket sales were donated towards catholic foundations. The first was the Fraternity of the Poor of Jesus Christ who focused on feeding the poorest of the poor in Skid Row. The second was Fundación Franciscana Da Amor, de Guapi, Colombia working with children and the families of that area lacking food and basic material goods.



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