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New ways to be part of our Salesian Family!

How much do you pay for any streaming services? The answer can vary, but we have an average of 15 dollars per month.

Imagine now how much we can do with 15 dollars per month!!! You will be able to provide a safe environment for the children of our community. You will actively be making a difference in their lives.

We still have so many dreams, and we know that together we can make a significant positive change in our community. For this reason, we have embarked on a new Membership Campaign to help us bring more resources and opportunities for our children and youth.

I want to invite you to participate in our Membership Program; you could find more information on our website. This program is something concrete that gives you the opportunity to make a difference.

We would like you to accept this sticker as a reminder of our appreciation for everything that you do for us! If you would like the sticker, please email with the information where we can mail this amazing gift for you.

We are looking for new Board Members who would like to be part of our organization in a more direct way, if you are interested please email me.

In Don Bosco and with the shared passion of helping our community's children, I pray for your well-being, and I ask you to please do the same for us!


Jc Montenegro, PhD

Executive Director

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