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Ready to welcome volunteers from Spain!

For several years now, the Salesian Family Youth Center has received missionary volunteers from various parts of the world. One of the main organizations that send volunteers is Comillas University in Madrid. They have been sending volunteer for many year now.

These young university students are preparing to become teachers and somehow feel an affinity with Salesian values and the Salesian educational system. Even a young lady who was a volunteer at Camp Salesian (the Salesian Family Youth Center's summer camp) is preparing to fulfill her promise as a Salesian Cooperator in Madrid.

This year we will be blessed to have 14 volunteers for our summer camps. Seven volunteers will be at Camp Savio in Saint Dominic Savio, Bellflower, and the other seven volunteers will be at Camp Salesian at the Salesian Family Youth Center, Los Angeles. Two years ago, we had six volunteers who learned and enjoyed their summer at Camp Salesian. Today a volunteer will return to provide her services again; she has already finished her university studies and is doing a Master in Special Education.

This group of volunteers is characterized by its joy, openness to new experiences, and availability to challenges, but mainly by its taste for dance, sports, and art. Let us accompany with our prayer this group of volunteers who are preparing to donate this summer to make a positive difference in hundreds of children and young people!

If you ever feel the desire to serve as volunteer, please let us know!

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