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5 Reasons to Support the Salesian Youth Center in this Christmas Season. By Luis Chacon

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Life as such has no meaning; it is the human being who gives meaning to life. At the Salesian Family Youth Center, our mission is to inspire and enable the young people of Boyle Heights and the surrounding communities to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens and support their families in this effort. For this reason, our youth center helps children and young people to give meaning to their lives.

We invite you to be part of the change in the lives of thousands of children and young people. Support the youth center to help others reach their full potential.

Here are five other reasons why you can count on us to help the children and youth of the community:

  1. At the Salesian Family Youth Center, we did not close our services during the most challenging pandemic stage; on the contrary, we extended our hours and programs. This past year we helped 79 children and adolescents with our after-school program, We Care. In the SHOUT program, which occurs in public schools, we served more than 1000 high school students. In the Youth Ministry (leadership and confirmation) program, we served 74 youth. During our summer camp program, Camp Salesian, we served more than 150 children and adolescents. Do you want to be part of the change in the world through education with the heart? Would you like to be part of and help the youth center?

  2. Although the program participants are charged a minimal fee (to pay workers, services at our facilities, etc.), more than 90% of those in the youth center programs receive financial aid. Donating one dollar a day will help many children and young people. Support the Youth Center!

  3. Many of the children and young people who come to the youth center programs affirm that they would be on the street if they did not have this youth center. The streets expose them to gangs, drugs, and homeless people who can be aggressive. Alternatively, many others would be home alone and playing video games all day without the youth center. If you support the youth center, you give many children and young people a safe, educational, familiar, and fun space. Imagine that instead of coming to play at the youth center, a teenager decides to stay playing on the street where they could be exposed to gangs. By supporting the youth center, you could be saving their life!

  4. Out of ten adolescents and young people, only two trust their parents to talk about personal things in their lives. But who do the other eight teenagers and young people talk to? Here at the youth center, we have workshops on human growth, and most importantly, we use the Salesian educational system. This system consists of educating with the heart by creating a family environment where everyone feels part of and takes responsibility for themselves and others. Here we have professionals, older brothers, who are willing to answer questions for our children and young people every day. Would you like your children to have doubts or fears about asking a close adult? Support the youth center and help us help children and young people make the right decisions in their lives! Support the youth center!

  5. Have you heard about the mathematics of love? We all know how conventional math works; we know that 2 + 2 = 4 and that 4-2 = 2. However, in the logic of love 2 + 2 = 4 and 4-2 = 6. Do you find something weird? That's how it should be! The more you give, the more you receive! And I say this not only in a material sense but also in a spiritual, human, and emotional sense. There is no greater joy than sharing what we have! Support the Youth Center!

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