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Baker's Dozen of Yale University visited our Youth Center. - Amazing music!

Last week we had the blessing to have this amazing a cappella group visiting the our Salesian Family Youth Center. Our children were well behave and totally attentive to their performance. We can see how music can change the lives of children.

The Baker's Dozen of Yale University is 'one of the nation's oldest and finest a cappella groups.' They ensemble, founded in 1947 and comprised of sixteen male undergraduates, commands a broad repertoire of songs, ranging from traditional ballads to jazz, rock, and contemporary hits.

The young leaders from Yale University shared their time and gifts with our children. They played soccer, basketball, and find and seek. They had the chance to connect with our children.

All this was possible thanks to one of our guarding angels. She is always attentive to our needs and the needs of our community! We thank God for her and her kindness. We have created an excellent video confided with some family pictures that we hope you enjoy.

If you have any gift that you would like to share with our children, please contact us at



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