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Believe it or not... we are here!

In this blog, we would like to share what we have been doing in these last two months!! So, we hope you enjoy it!


Online and In-person / We are here for you!!!

Online, as you can see in this picture, our coach is training the students with zoom. Amazing to see how the staff gets creative to support young people's education. We try to provide something different from school, "we try to help them have fun while learning," said Coach Odda!

In-Person, children are really excited to come to the club and stay active by having social distancing dance battles after finishing their homework. Their daily schedule depends on their school and grade, but more or less in the morning, they attend the online school, and in the afternoon, they do homework and planned activities. The Salesian Family Youth Center is running the after school programs in the two modalities.

, children are really excited to come to the club and stay active by having social distancing dance battles after they finish their homework. They daily schedule depends on their school and grade but more or less in the morning they attend online school and in the afternoon they do homework and

Late-Post from Halloween!

Here you have some of the most exciting pictures from Hallowing.

In one of our planned activities, our staff backed with our children. They made amazing cupcakes that they shared with their families.

We also have an online activity where we challenge our young people to dress up and have fun with the Halloween theme.

We also celebrated our "day of the death" by having a ceremony and remembering the people we love.


Staff leadership training!

Staff development is something important for our organization. We don't only take care of our members; we also take care of our team. This training focused on meeting facilitation and how we can improve communication. We thank Interactive Associates for this beautiful two days formation.


Reaching out to our young people

As part of our constant activity to reach out to our young people. SHOUT, our high school program, has created an Instagram to keep our young people engaged with motivated to keep their path to success.

If you would like to see what we do with our high school program, please follow us @SHOUT0707

We also created a gardening club where young people learn how to plan their own products.

Parents have been super supportive of this effort by bringing their children to plan in our clubhouse.

We hope soon we will be harvesting and eating from our own products.


Baking with our children!


Exciting opportunities to serve!

We are looking for people who would like to make a difference in our community and become board members! We are expanding our family, and we believe this can be your opportunity to give back to your neighborhood!

If you are interested in being part of our family!

Please email

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