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Can we do business in a non-profit organization? By Jc Montenegro, PhD.

The easy answer is NO; we can't! In the case of the Salesian Family Youth Center, our primary purpose is to serve unprivileged children of our community and be there for those who need us the most. However, some tools from profit organizations can help us improve the service that we provide to our community. This specific article is based on the Organizational Culture Assessment that we ran in our club a couple of months ago.

To put things in context, Abel Canel used to be a member of our clubhouse, then he became part of the staff for many years, and then he went to make a difference in other organizations. Yet, Abel has always been connected to our organization. He just got his Master's Degree in Organization Studies, and he did his final project based on the Salesian Family Youth Center.

The report that Abel turned to us is fantastic! Well done and well explained. He got an "A" in his university. You can find his report at the below link.

Download PDF • 5.95MB

Abel had the vision to combine his research with our strategic plan; many of his suggestions match with the strategic plan that we have in place. If you enjoy reading about organization management, you will enjoy his report.

What have I learned from this report?

  • The culture of our SFYC is based on a "Clan." The clan culture is driven by employees who see the organization as an extended family, which is part of who we are as Salesians.

  • As an organization, we can often be inward-looking; this can be a weakness; we can stop being relevant if we don't see what's happening in the market.

  • For the sake of the article, I am writing only two learning points

What do we want to do with this information?

  • We want to analyze what's happening with the non-profit organization market in the area that we serve. We want to see if we are still relevant and how

  • We want to increase engagement with society. We have been taking these steps being part of the LA Chamber of Commerce and others.

  • The other strategy is to reach out to the community. To offer our services more proactively. To find more children who can benefit from our services.

As you can see, Abel's work with our organization is making an impact. If you have any suggestions or recommendations after reading the report, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you know of any young adult who would like to do an internship in our organization, please let us know.


Jc Montenegro, PhD

Executive Director

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