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Can you believe January is gone?

These last two months have been crazy! Many great activities and moments to cherish. We are two weeks away from our 2023 Gala and have seen how many great people have come to support our mission. In this video, I talked about one of the first miracles that happened, thanks to our Gala. I hope you enjoy it!


Celebrating St. John Bosco Feast Day

St. John Bosco is one of our most significant gifts to this world. His mission to serve the children has been alive for over 150 years. Thanks to his dream, we can serve our community's children. To do this, he created the Salesian Congregation, which is present in 134 countries. The children of our community learned about the Salesian identity and why Don Bosco is so important in our mission.

With out youth ministry we had an amazing procession around the neighborhood!


We Care - Arts & Crafts

In our We Care program, we promote creativity, and we have many activities that our children enjoy doing it. If you would like to give us some suggestions at any time, we are open to listening!

Pd. Can you find the picture of the Camp Salesian Head Counselors? :) they are getting ready for our Summer Camp Program.


Salesian Youth of the YEAR

The Salesian Youth of the Year competition is a prestigious event that recognizes young individuals who have overcome obstacles and demonstrated exceptional leadership, academic excellence, and a strong commitment to serving our community. This competition provides a platform for young people to showcase their achievements, share their stories, and inspire others to impact their communities positively. We are proud to honor these remarkable youth and support them in their future endeavors. Join us in celebrating the next generation of leaders.

The Youth of the Year will get 1,000 dollars scholarship! Please let us know if you would like to be part of this fantastic event. Thank you to our Board Members for helping us in this process.


This is it for now, if you have any questions or suggestions please let us know, and if you can, join us in our 2023 Gala! for more information click here

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