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COVID 19 - Our Response!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

COVID 19 - CAN NOT Control our lives!

This is a video that our Executive Director created to help our young people to deal with their sense of fear during this pandemic!


Keeping in Contact with our Young People

Miriam Hernandez has been in contact with the young people from our club. We have virtual meetings every Thursday. The main idea of these meetings is to help young people to process what's happening right now.

Core team picture!


Calling our club member's parents.

Our Executive Director and the We Care program coordinator called all the member's parents to see how they were doing. Some of the findings are:

  • Most of the families are well, they are hopeful.

  • The children are bored and they are looking for some type of interaction with other children

  • We helped some of the parents to find places where they can get food.


Camp Salesian Plans Continue!

Camp is one of the most important moments during the year. Despide COVID 19, the Salesian Family Youth Center is providing online training for the future volunteers.

We are ready to have an awesome Camp experience for our children!

We are prepare to have face to face camp or an online camp!



Out staff from SHOUT (Roosevelt high school site) has been meeting every day. They have been working on their profesional development and also on evaluating the strategic plan. Next week they will call student's parents to see how they are doing!


Even-though we are not open to the public, our phones are ready to help! If you need to contact us, please give us a call!

Together, we will be able to stop the spreading of the virus!

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