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End of the Year and Camp Salesian Reports

For the last two years, one of our most significant commitments is to be transparent with our donors and collaborators. Every year we create our "End of the Year Report" where you can find all the crucial achievements that we have accomplished this last 2019-2020 academic year.

I want to invite you to read this End of the Year Report and give us your feedback. Your opinion is important to us!

To create this high-quality document, we have spent many hours. I want to thank Dianna Rodriguez, our inter, who dedicated many hours to put together this fantastic document. I also want to thank all our donors and supporters who believe in our mission to support our community's children.

To view the End of the Year Report, please click here!

Ps. If you are curious about how COVID 19 affected our summer camp program, I would like to invite you to read the report that will be found on the same page as the End of the Year Report.

Please, please, please email us your feedback at


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