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Do you believe in miracles?... do we?

In this e-news, we will focus on some of the miracles we have experienced at our Salesian Family Youth Center. These miracles have helped us keep moving and make decisions to improve the service we provide in our organization. We want to invite you to be part of the miracles that happen in our organization.

Short story: after creating this video, we decided to go ahead and rent the venue where our First Gala will take place. We are so excited to share with you that we will gather on February 17, 2023, to celebrate the miracles we have experienced at the Salesian Family Youth Center. We want to invite you to please support us in this event. For more information, please visit


Girl Scouts Planning culmination celebration

At the end of our Girl Scout Way program, we are going to have a celebration! Our troop came up with some ways that we should celebrate the earning of our first patch. Once the group decided on the type of celebration, they would like to have the worked on the logistics and assigned themselves roles (snacks, music supervisor, activity leader, cleanup crew, and invitation maker). Our girls planned a picnic at the park!


Oratory Thanksgiving

Our focus in November was the Thanksgiving holiday. We focused on how important gratitude is and talked about the special things in our life that we are thankful for. We had lots of fun discussing turkeys so they would not get eaten and celebrating November Birthdays!


Confirmation Program strengthening families

Our confirmation program is in full swing. Parents gather for monthly workshops to discuss various topics. The main objective is to share ways in which we can help their families grow in their faith. Parents are able to connect with other families and are encouraged to share their concerns and best practices.


NCYC National Catholic Youth Conference 2022

NCYC is a Catholic youth event on a national scale that gathers people from all across the Nation for a life-changing encounter with Christ. Young people from three of our Salesian sites here in Los Angeles came together to attend this three-day conference that was held for the first time in Long Beach CA. Funding the conference was not an easy task however our young people were extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend. One of our donors graciously donated money for a group dinner. We voted on a place none of the teens had been to which was Raising Canes. At the end of the weekend, we sat around a booth at Cane's chicken to debrief. Here is what one teen had to say, “ I had a very religious experience. I enjoyed it because there was entertainment and lots of music and I also really liked that I got to go to a location I had never been to before.”


Helping our Families!

Baby 2 Baby

Baby2Baby is a mega diaper bank and nonprofit organization providing essential items to children in need across the country. We’d like to thank Baby 2 Baby for allowing us to better serve our community! This month we had a distribution of baby essentials and clothing for our families.

Big Sunday

35 of our families received thanksgiving baskets full of food for the holiday thanks to the Big Sunday organization who donated these to us

Damas Salesianas

At thanksgiving day, the Damas Salesianas gave us ten gift cards to be given to our families. Thanks to these gift cards, one family was able to have Thanksgiving dinner with all the family. She stated, "I was worried because I did not have anything for tonight; thank you so much for thinking about us and being here when we need you."

If you want to be part of this movement, and you would like to help our community, please contact us!


Getting ready for Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Salesian Family Youth Center! Some teenagers here are decorating our center to prepare for the season.


First time on the snow!

16 of our Teen Club members went to Lake Arrowhead for their winter trip! They got to see the mountains, snow, and be with nature. The objective of this trip was to help teens to be in contact with nature.


St. Joseph High School; Community service hours at our Youth Center

On November 17th Saint Joseph High School students came to serve at the Salesian Family Youth Center. They lots of fun while making a difference in #BoyleHeight #community #volunteering


Our Rector Major visited our Youth Center

On November 16th we had an incredible day at the Salesian Family Youth Center,, more than 300 people attended our #thanksgiving dinner in honor of Don Ángel, the spirit of #service and the artistic skills of our children and young people were impressive!

Don Angel Fernandez Artime is the CEO of the Salesians worldwide. In this Thanksgiving dinner we had the participation of various members of the Salesian family of Los Angeles:

  • Saint Mary's Church supported us with a moment of reflection before the event where one of our young women shared her testimony of growing up in our center since she was 5 years old and then becoming a leader.

  • Saint Mary's also helped with food and drinks for our Thanksgiving dinner.

  • The Confirmation Program presented a dance in which they challenged Don Angel and other adults to participate and dance with them.

  • Santa Isabel supported the event with a delicious Pozole, drinks and the friendly parishioners who supported us at all times to prepare and serve the food.

  • Saint Bridget Parish and its new Youth Center led the Salute to the Flag and a splendid Chinese Opera conducted by the youth of their parish. They also supported with some dishes (roast pork) and some drinks.

  • SHOUT Program featured the Roosevelt Mariachi and Drill Team.

  • We Care Program presented a dance with the children of the program.

  • Melissa Zomosa brought her professional folklore dance company.

  • Jesse Viera who provided us with all the sound equipment along with his service as a DJ.

  • The SDB community that brought us some McDonald's Happy Meals.


Public Relationship news!

Luis Chacon has been working hard to promote our youth center in the business sector. He had significant interactions with so many amazing people who are interested in the work we do with the children.... guess who is in the picture? If you want to know the answer, please click on this link below :)

November 2022 Updates
Download PDF • 19.95MB

Teaching teens how to drive!

Drivers Ed: Our students receiving their Drivers Ed certificate. You can see the happiness in their faces. This is a big step into attaining their full Drivers License once they turn 18 years old. These students were dedicated enough to stick with the 5 week course every Tuesday and Thursday in our after-school program!


Friendsgiving Celebration!

During a lunch event we helped the Parent Center. It was a Bad Bunny theme event where we gave Nachos and Agua Frescas. Students had a good time dancing to music and hanging out with their friends.


As you can see... the Salesian Family Youth Center is alive! please consider helping our children by participating in our Gala! for more information, please visit our website or email Jc Montenegro.

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