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Who cares about our children?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Many people say “children are important.” BUT are they really important? How many of these people will be able to get out of their comfort zone to support children?

In these last months, I have found many people who are great at criticizing everything that we are doing. They ask us questions like: Why do you stay open? Why are you putting the children at risk? Moreover, do we know what children need?   

Important children need 

  1. Interaction with other children is essential.

  2. Depression and anxiety rates are increasing.

  3. Families need to work to survive; if they don’t have anyone to take care of their children, they will leave them with their older siblings or neighbors.

  4. In some cases, the children are abused at home, and the only place they feel safe is in their school. So without school… what do they do?

CDC guidelines; I am not saying let’s open our locations like nothing is happening, here at the club we are following strict guidelines to maintain our children's safety. We have clear protocols for cleaning and wearing masks. We also have divided our children into smalls groups, as well as ensuring that all of our children, volunteers, and staff are continuously tested. Thanks to these protocols, we have been able to provide a safe summer for our children, volunteers, and staff.

We are blessed; I want to thank you to our staff and volunteers for not allowing fear to take over their lives. They have been able to step out of their comfort zone and provided a fantastic summer experience for our children. Thank you!!! Without you, this camp would not have been possible!

Things are not easy, and we need to be diligent to continue providing a fantastic experience for our children. Everything is possible as long as we put our hearts and minds together. This is what we have been doing for the last six weeks, and this is what we will be doing for two more weeks because we have decided to extend our summer program to give our children a place to be and feel safe.

We are now thinking ahead on how we can continue to help our community this year as the LAUSD moves forward with online schooling.

We are here for our children! 




We would like to congratulate Marguerite  Cottrill, Yobani Quintana and Kevin Balderrama for their well deserved2020 SPEAK The Voice of Excellence Scholarship Award. All three attended a SPEAK leadership program at Microsoft in October. Marguerite is a proud Salesian volunteer committed to serving the young. Kevin has graduated from Roosevelt High school and is a SHOUT alumni.  Yobani is part of our leadership program, SHOUT and Boyle Heights Youth Movement. Their leadership and service to others models more of what we need today!


Our Camp Salesian

Last week in the summer camp, we had a lot of activities for the kids to do such as self reflection activities, water games, playing in a gym, and getting ready for a performance to show to the rest of the camp.

In the photos you can find one of our head staff doing his self-reflection with the campers. In the day of the water activities, it was a very hot day and due to Covid-19 pandemic all of our options were closed, so we relied on the open patio and water to help cool the children cool down.

In Salesian summer camp, we have a bunch of board games and we have an open gym for the kids to run around. Prep rallies occur every Friday and the photo below the campers are all matching with black shirts to represent their theme. These performances usually have but are not limited to skits, dancing routine cheering and very energetic crowds.

We have fun at Camp Salesian!


Congratulations newly confirmed young people

Congratulations to all the newly confirmed and thier families. St. Mary's Church made some adjustments due to the current restrictions however it was a time for celebrating and smiles were everywhere. We are proud of each of them and wish them all the best.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Faith Formation team, youth ministry animators, Catechists and parents for their hard work, dedication, patience and commitment to the program. We enjoyed being ba part of your child's growth in the faith. 


Important information! Online Youth Nights are open! if you would like to be part of it, please email


Please consider donating to our club so we can continue serving our children!


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