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We are part of a youth analysis group at the continent level. By Luis Chacon

At the Salesian Family Youth Center, we are concerned about our constant updating. We are thinking not only about how to obtain material resources to make a difference with the children and young people of our community. We are also looking for ways to offer the world updated intellectual content to help work for the human being's dignity. For this reason, the SFYC staff is participating in the meeting "Analysis of youth reality" organized by America Social Salesiana.

This group, to which our Staff members belong, is a study group to find a way to understand youth realities. It is a group of thought, reflection, where information is gathered to offer the Salesian congregation and the world insides on youth realities.

At this meeting are representatives of the Salesian Social Works from different parts of the American continent like Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States.

In this first meeting, we found many challenges like The topic seems very broad; the vision is quite global, we must find patterns to make general judgments about current youth realities, and we need to bring young people to help us create this research.

Nonetheless, Juan Carlos Quirarte, the Executive Director of the America Social Salesiana, gave us some questions to narrow down this vast issue: Who are the priority youth for us (groups)? Who is being excluded from our works and not being served? Quirarte finished by inviting us to seek qualitative proximity to answer these questions and read General Chapter 28 to continue our reflection and study for February 19, when we will have our next meeting.


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