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Families straggling this summer: What can we do? By JC Montenegro.

I had a powerful encounter recently when a mother approached me seeking financial assistance to enroll her children in our Camp Salesian. To be eligible for aid, parents are required to meet with the Camp Director for an interview, during which we assess their financial situation and understand the reasons behind their request. The mother, who sells tamales on the street, expressed her desire for her child to have a meaningful summer experience in our program. When I inquired about her daily earnings, she mentioned that on good days, she could make up to $130. However, when I asked about their rent expenses, she revealed that they were paying around $1,900 for a one-bedroom apartment, shared with her children and another family member. I was at a loss for words, overwhelmed by the difficult circumstances they faced. This encounter serves as a reminder of the families we strive to assist through our Camp Salesian program. - If you would like to be part of the transformation of families like this one, please let me know at


Field trips!

Over the past couple of weeks, the camp has been truly transformative for all participants. We organized exciting field trips, including visits to Santa Monica Beach and movie outings for the older children, as well as engaging activities in arts, crafts, and STEM. One of the special trips was thanks to our friend JR Dzubak who sponsor paddle-boarding for our upper grades! - Thank you JR!!!


Homemade meal once a week!

One particularly heartwarming moment was when a group of ladies volunteered to cook for us for a week. The children thoroughly enjoyed the delicious homemade meals they provided.

Homemade meals exemplify how the community can unite to do something for our children. This is the first year we have tried to have homemade food at least once a week. We have scheduled parents and volunteers to make this possible!


100 teenager volunteers making a difference in our community.

What truly amazes me is the involvement of over 100 teenage volunteers who generously give their time and effort to make our program a success. We are incredibly fortunate to have this support, as it allows us to make a positive impact on the lives of many children and families.


Consider supporting our summer program!

Recently, I received an email stating that the average cost of a week-long summer camp is $890. Can you imagine? If we charged that amount, none of the children we serve would be able to participate. Many of them would be left without a structured program, potentially ending up on the streets, engaging in activities we can't predict or control.

I urge you to consider supporting our summer program by making a donation of $50 per week. With this contribution, we can continue to provide children with the opportunity to be a part of our program and experience a meaningful summer. Your support can make a significant difference in their lives.

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