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I refused to write another Christmas note...

By Jc Montenegro

After sitting down for a while, trying not to write another typical Christmas note for Christmas, I can’t find another way to thank everyone who has made a difference in the families and children of our clubhouse. Many of our families would not have experienced your love without you being here for us.

So many of our children were excited not only because of the gifts they received but also because we had terrific people visiting us and sharing a good time with us. We also have some families who were amazed by the generosity of so many of you. I believe pictures speak louder than words, so here you have our best photos from this Christmas celebration.

Short gratitude video! - if you don't want this video you may be a grench :)

I want to thank everyone who made possible this fantastic Christmas celebration! You are in our prayers, we thank God for your live!!!


Jc Montenegro, PhD.

Executive Director

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