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Salesian Supports Public Schools Re-Opening!

By Jc Montenegro, PhD.

We are about to re-open the school system in LAUSD. Meanwhile, here at the Salesian Family Youth Center, we have been helping the children and young people of our community.

At We Care Program, we continue offering distance learning to all children and young people who choose not to go to school this year. As well as creating the necessary structure to pick up the children who are choosing to go back to school, we are doing anything possible to support our children and young people.

At the SHOUT program, we have been providing support to some homeless youth, and now, we are getting ready to support Roosevelt High School to open for the young people who choose to come to our programs in person. We also continue providing online programs for the young people who choose to stay home.

As you can see, the Salesian Family Youth Center is adapting to the constantly changing reality. We are here to support our children, young people, and families! And we want to thank you for being part of the support system that we have to continue Don Bosco’s dream to serve the children of our community.

In this e-news edition, you will find unique and exciting news from our organization!


Cal. Bear Credit Union and Salesians

At our SHOUT Program, we had a life skills meeting where Cal. Bear Credit Union did an amazing job informing our youth about finances. They shared the differences between Credit unions and banks, information about accounts, loans and building credit. Students asked questions and shared information they had heard about in the past.


Woman Month

For this month the activity students did was color portraits for 4 women that have stood out for accomplishing amazing things. The women were Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Dolares Huerta, and U.S. representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). All students were placed in 4 groups and presented a bio about the women to the entire class.


Mental Health for our team members

The Salesian Family Youth Center has partnered with the foundation Counseling Partners of Los Angeles to provide mental health support to all our staff. We meet once a month to create the best environment for our children. In the near future, we hope to provide this service for our children and young people.


Salesian Garden

The Garden Club hosted by our SHOUT staff has inspired the knowledge and love of gardening of its members as well as the children at the SFYC. Children often ask to water the plants and are amazed to see the progress the garden is making. Our garden has kept kids outdoors and connected with nature by giving them an understanding about how things grow. Here are some Then and Now pictures featuring our Salesian garden!


Join us in congratulating Leonel Marquez on his Ascending Lights Scholarship!

Leo began volunteering at the Salesian Family Youth Center in 2018. He has assisted as a Head counselor in our Salesian Summer Camp, has helped as a Youth Leader in our Saturday Oratory and in the Youth Group at St. Mary’s church.

“What I like most about St. Mary’s and the SFYC is feeling part of a community that I'm able to make a difference and able to help people".

Leo attends Los Angeles City College and plans to transfer to Cal state Northridge majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Ascending Lights provides community college scholarships, financial support, and one- on- one mentoring to students who are committed to strengthening their community’s trough volunteer leadership roles in urban churches.

-The picture shows the President of Ascending lights Gary Krauss, Executive Director Anne Lobsinger, Salesian Youth Coordinator Miriam Hernandez and Leo's new Mentor Justin Beck welcoming Leonel Marquez to the Ascending lights family.

- Note: we have helped 3 young people to apply for scholarships at California Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation! Salesian is here to support our young people!


News from two of our Basketball players.

Couch Oda shared some pictures of past Salesian basketball girls who played for us here at the club and are now playing internationally.

Stefanie Berberabe NAIA National player of the year. 1st team All American. and

Tealoni Carbullido represented Team Guam in the International games.

Congratulations, Coach, for all your well-done job, and thank you for providing our young people with high-quality training to succeed in life.


Thank you so much for reading our e-news! if you wish to share this link with your friends, please do so! We need more people like you!

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