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Saving Lives - Literally!

By Jc Montenegro, PhD

When everything shut down in March, we continued having online staff meetings to see how we can serve our young people during this time of pandemic. We were hoping this "short time" will pass soon. However, we just realized that this time was not over, and it was not going to be over soon. One of our staff members decided to create some online arts & crafts baskets to give to our children to reach out to them and accompany them during the pandemic. She went home by home, giving these baskets.

In June, we got the ok to start the camp activities, and one of the children who participated in the online program came to our in-person activities. His name is "Miguel" (made-up name to protect his identity).

Miguel loves to be here at the Youth Center; he is always participating and super engaged with everything we do. As part of our permanent improvement, we ran a survey to all the parents, and we found this note from Miguel’s mother.

"When the pandemic and at-home order took place last year, my son was depressed and struggling. SFYC created new programs. One was virtual. Staff did video zoom meetings with the children and provided support with homework, and had fun activities. A staff dropped off a goodie basket at our doorstep for my son. That was really nice. But my most memorable story is that staff since then has provided continued support to my son. I feel blessed for having this staff being there for my son. I can't be more grateful for the time, dedication, patience, and support is given to my son individually and in the group. Now he's happy, motivated, and loves going to the youth center. I appreciate everything SFYC has done for our children during this difficult time."

Thank you so much once again for all your support and being part of our Salesian Family!

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