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Strategic Plan Creating by Luis Chacon!

At the Salesian Family Youth Center, we recognize the great responsibility entrusted to us in working with one of the most essential and vulnerable sectors of society and the Church: children and youth. On Saturday, February 6, the Salesian Family Youth Center Staff met from 9 am to 12 pm to continue with our Strategic Planning.

We started with a training moment led by Dr. Juan Carlos Montenegro, where we talked about "The Choice Map," the difference between the Learner mindset and the Judger mindset. We analyzed the advantages of the Learner mindset and the disadvantages of the judger mindset.

We also studied the Belief-Behavior Matrix based on the following questions:

  • What is limiting my beliefs?

  • What (observable) behaviors do the limiting belief create on me?

  • Do these behaviors lead to what results?

  • What are my desired results?

  • What are the desired behaviors that yield my desired results?

  • What are the empowering beliefs that can lead me to the desired behaviors?

We end this moment of training with some Essential Questions:

  • What do I want - for both myself and others?

  • Am I a learner mindset or judger mindset?

  • Who do we want to be on this team?

After JC's presentation, we had the intervention of Therese Funk; She's the co-founder of a non-profit named "Counseling Partners of Los Angeles." They are serving 35 schools. Therese Funk shared that things that cannot be taken personally, things and criticisms that seem bad should always be taken as possibilities. Sometimes we can feel that we are not valued, that they do not listen to us, but we are all in a boat together, and we are in this boat because we matter. Always thinking negatively can suck up all our energy.

The significant and most challenging trauma that she learned was related to Covid, but it is not about fighting situations; it is about learning to see the situation with different eyes and analyzing and seeing the possibilities. It's not about fighting the things that affect us; it's about letting go and accepting.

Therese Funk affirmed that we (Salesian Family Youth Center) are on the front lines of the Covid battle, we are in front of the children all day, and then we are with our families, this is tired and stressful, we must be available and open to acknowledging what's happening, and caring our selves by participating in the program that we are putting together for the wellbeing of our team members.

She gave us the times each program met with her to handle mental health. This space's importance is to feel that we connect with someone and that someone connects with us. The meetings will be monthly. In this space, the intention is to deal with what we are experiencing and to connect. Connect with feelings and with the people around us.

Then we started with the review and fulfillment of the last strategic plan objectives; the team realized that most of them were met. If you would like to see our previous strategic plan, please let us know, and we will be most happy to send it your way.

The team also analyzed the new situation that we are lining in, conditions like the club have been opened during COVID, We need to be ready for Camp Salesian, and hire more tutors.

The next step was to create workgroups where we read and analyzed the surveys answered by the SDBs of the Province, the children and young people we serve, the SFYC Staff, and the Partners with whom we collaborate.

At the next Strategic Plan meeting, we will generate objectives based on the goals not completed in our last Strategic Plan and the surveys' results. After the General Objectives, we will see the specific action steps in the medium and long term of each of our programs and the organization.

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