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The story of the 14 years old who won the Salesian Youth of the Year - everything is possible!

Let's read Pablo's words, the 14 years old, winner of the Salesian Youth of the Year award and honored at the Salesian Family Youth Center gala last February. To him, the Youth Center is a second home where he's met amazing people and learned new skills. In this text, he shares how the center has helped him become a better leader and taught him to give back to the community. Read on to learn more about Pablo's journey at the Salesian Family Youth Center.

To me the Youth Center is a second home. Everyone is very friendly, and it is easy to make friends. At the center I have met very amazing people. The counselors from summer camp are a lot of fun. The staff is caring, and I have learned a lot. Two summers ago I learned how to play pool from my tutor Yobanni Quintanilla. We spent so much time playing, I remember him teaching me how to hold the pool stick and look for angles.

At Salesian Family Youth Center, we focus on giving back to the community. That is why I decided to become a camp counselor this summer. I hope that I can make another child as happy and comfortable as I was when I first started here. Helping with Oratory on Saturdays has helped me become a better leader and has taught me how to better communicate with younger children. I have learned how to be flexible. I have had to think on my feet, be creative and come up with games to entertain the group children. Once when the activity I had planned did not work I thought to split the children up into two groups. One that wanted to watch a movie and took the second group to play baseball with me. Thanks to the Salesian Family Youth Center I have done many things I did not know I was capable of doing.

Pablo is one of our young people who have benefited from our services, from beneficiary to an agent of transformation in our Youth Center.

Thank you so much for your support and love for our Salesian Family Youth Center. "No dream is too big to come true" Lailah Giffy Akita.



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