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We are alive and here is what we are up to!!!


Here you have some exciting news about our Salesian Family Youth Center. We hope you enjoy everything that we do for our children! Today I want to congratulate all the strong, empowered woman that work at the Salesian Family Youth Center for making a difference in the life of our youth and children, as well as the amazing woman who support our mission! - thank you so much because without you we won't be who we are today!

Jc Montenegro


Fr Mel visited the Salesian Family Youth Center.

Last Thursday, February 25, the Provincial Fr Mel Trinidad visited the Salesian Family Youth Center during his canonical visit to the Salesian community of Los Angeles.

Since April, the Salesian Family Youth Center has been open, welcoming children and adolescents for most of the pandemic, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. That Thursday, things were different, thanks to the visit of Fr Mel Trinidad.

After explaining to our children about the Provincial figure and the leadership role as a shepherd, the children became excited and created a nice welcome poster and a "Tik Tok challenge" for Fr. Mel.

Whenever the SFYC children see someone different from the Salesians, they get excited and soon make them feel welcome, or invite the guest to play and help them with their homework.

Fr Mel met with the Executive Director of SFYC and shared his joy to see the Youth Center open and fully alive. He also shared his dream of visioning (after the pandemic) the Youth Center as a central and busy place for many adolescents and young people in the area. It is a place where they feel safe, at home, and can find God in their friends' faces while living together and having fun.


Creating Artists

The Salesian Family Youth Center helps our children develop their creativity through different arts and crafts activities.

In this picture, you can find children making small earrings.


Getting ready for our Summer Camp!!!

The head counselors have begun meeting to plan out this year’s summer camp! We are excited for all these young people to gather together and create an incredible experience for our children. This year is the first year that all our Head Counselors are from our Clubhouse. We want to thank the young people from St. Dominic Savio Church who came to help running our summer camp for the last four years!!! Now, we are ready to take the challenge on our own!


47 seconds to know what we do here!

47’ video that tells the story of what happens at our Clubhouse

Yes, in this short video, you will watch how the Salesian Family Youth Center provided a place for the children to go to the online school and more!


Ash Wednesday

This year, our team members called all the parents at the Clubhouse and offered the opportunity to get their children Ashes. This is a tradition of the Catholic Church. Many parents accepted the offer. The children had a small service where they got their Ashes at the beginning of our Lenten season—the families of the children who did not want the ashes had a different activity.


Helping our brothers and sisters in Tijuana!

This weekend the Salesian Family Youth Center donated some clothes to "El Desayunador del Padre Chava" in Mexico Tijuana. "El Desayunador" serves around 1000 breakfast meals per day and provide shelter to migrants. #wearesalesians

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