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We are now part of the LA Chamber of Commerce By Luis Chacon!

On January 12, members of the Salesian Family Youth Center were present for the first time in the Los Angeles area Chamber of Commerce!

A couple of months ago Juan Carlos and I went to the streets of Boyle Heights to visit local businesses and attract benefactors, we made some contacts, but they do not compare to the number of children we found in need of our Youth Center (which makes us happy and inspires us to go the extra mile to serve our children and youth).

In recent years the Salesian Family Youth Center (formerly Salesian Boys and Girls Club) has been walking in the culture of Strategic planning. In this way we have been able to optimize all kinds of resources, programs, projects and serve more and better our children, adolescents, youth and families of Boyle Heights and its surroundings.

One of the aspects in which we discovered a great opportunity for growth has been in having more contact with the public outside our organization to work together for the good of our community.

That is why after a search and strategic analysis we have decided to be active members of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and on January 13 we had our first participation in the "Virtual Speed ​​Networking".

In this meeting we have had the opportunity to make contact with at least 8 organizations/companies that offer various types of services. The dynamics of the meeting was super interesting: A general panel with approximately 60 participants and then random meetings of 2 or 3 representatives in which we had 2 or 3 minutes to each present our organization/company and listen to others, as well as create contact and verify the feasibility to work together!

At SFYC we continue to venture, studying, analyzing and acting in order to reach more and more people who need us, as well as to attract benefactors to help us to help!

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