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We are part of the LA Chamber of Commerce and more!!!

The last few months have been crazy! So many great activities that engage and empower children and young people in our community! In this e-news, we would like to highlight the most important.

Feeding the homeless; at the Salesian Family Youth Center, we visit the homeless at least once a month. We have created a collaboration partnership with St. Joseph Retreat Center to make this possible. Please let us know if you would like to join us for any of these visits.

Getting ready for our summer program; our Camp Salesian planning has begun! 12 Head staff members have started meeting to plan for the upcoming summer camp season. All our Head Staff are young adults from our community.

Celebrating St. John Bosco Feast Day; We Care kicked off our St. John Bosco Feast Day celebrations by having a party that had pizza, jumpers, games, face painting, and more!

The confirmation program collaborated with St. Mary's Church to celebrate St. John Bosco by visiting the community and sharing gifts with the children.

Ribbon Cutting; as part of the strategic plan, the Salesian Family Youth Center has decided to be part of the LA Chamber of Commerce. We are looking to reach the community and find ways to serve our young people better.

If you want to be part of our Salesian Family, please visit our website or contact us; we will be most happy to help you share your gifts with the community!



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