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A Dynamic Dive into Youth Leadership, Social Impact, and Festive Joy in the Months of November & December!

Merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts!

While in the Christmas season, we wanted to extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones. This season, amidst the joy of celebrating Jesus's birth, we are grateful for the miracles unfolding at the Salesian Family Youth Center. Each connection and act of generosity impacts the children in our community profoundly. Your incredible support is shaping a brighter future for these young lives. May this Christmas bring abundant blessings of health, love, and joy, reflecting the true spirit of this special day.


Empowering Youth: Over 80 Volunteers Feed over 1,000 Homeless in Skid Row

In the span of two months, nearly 80 enthusiastic young volunteers rallied together for two impactful Homeless Outreach events in Skid Row. With the guidance of the Salesian Volunteers Program and the support of the Restless Hearts Foundation, these dedicated individuals, including students, dancers, and international volunteers, collaborated to prepare and distribute nourishing meals. Their collective effort not only provided sustenance to over a thousand people experiencing homelessness but also exemplified the power of youth-led initiatives in fostering positive change within the community.


Thanksgiving Unity Dinner: Serving Gratitude to Nearly 150 People

On November 18th, SFYC's Thanksgiving Unity Event brought together over 100 attendees, including the families we serve, for a heartwarming day. Special thanks to Roosevelt High School and Bishop Mora Salesian High School volunteers. Notable guests, Assembly Members Miguel Santiago, added to the festive atmosphere. The day emphasized family unity and concluded with an exhilarating soccer game among SFYC staff, fostering camaraderie and joy. Stay tuned for more updates on our meaningful community events!


Empowering Futures: A Grateful Acknowledgment to Jonathan Rodriguez, CEO of Just Right Painting

We extend heartfelt gratitude to Jonathan Rodriguez, CEO of Just Right Painting, for his visit to the Salesian Family Youth Center. Yesterday, Jonathan met with Christina, head of the center's newest program, the "Outreach Program." This initiative empowers our youth to provide Digital Marketing services to local businesses, fostering skill development and community support. From collaborative brainstorming with Christina, JC, and Jonathan emerged the exciting prospect of creating a podcast space, enriching our center's offerings.


WE GOT computers for our children!

We are overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement to announce the incredible generosity of two remarkable donors who responded to our call for assistance in acquiring computers for our educational programs. Through the kindness of an anonymous donor in honor of Belen V. Castillo, a dedicated community volunteer, and the unwavering support of Maggie Lau and the Salesian Family within the Chinese community, we have secured four computers for our children. Their selfless contributions mean the world to us and, more importantly, to the young minds we serve. - THANK YOU!


Having FUN while learning how to paint!

Some of our We Care students were invited by the Shot of Art studio to participate in art classes. The classes included drip painting on canvas, sculptures, and shooting paint on a spinning canvas. They had a blast tapping into their creativity and making some amazing works of art! Thank you again to Shot of Art studio in Los Angeles.


SFYC's Board of Directors Embarks on Transformative Retreat: A Day of Dreams, Reflections, and Strategic Planning

The Salesian Family Youth Center recently hosted a dynamic Board of Directors Retreat, guided by leaders JR Dzubak and Don Rodriguez. Board members, united by their commitment to the Salesian mission, shared personal journeys. Discussions ranged from strategic growth to fostering quality relationships, culminating in concrete plans for the future. The retreat closed with an invitation to suggest potential Board additions, emphasizing the need for diverse perspectives. Gratitude was extended to all involved, setting the stage for positive outcomes from this strategic dreaming session.


Movie Premiere!

Thanks to a collaboration with Tickets for Kids, 30 of our We Care kids were able to go to an advance screening of the Trolls Band Together movie. The kids all got free tickets and some goodies for the show! It was a great movie that our kids enjoyed :)

Thank you Tickets for kids!


Joyful Gratitude: Recap of the 'Thanks for Giving' Event by Boys & Girls Clubs

The "Thanks for Giving" event, hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of West San Gabriel Valley and Eastside, was a joy-filled day on December 13. From ice skating to Santa visits, Panda Restaurant Group treats, arts, crafts, and heartfelt moments of gratitude, it celebrated the well-being of our community's children. The Salesian Family Youth Center is grateful to JR Dzubak for collaboration in this mission. This event is all about expressing thanks to parents and guardians.


Christmas Joy at Salesian Family Youth Center's 'We Care' After-School Program

In a heartwarming celebration on December 15th, the Salesian Family Youth Center's "We Care" After-School Program came alive with the spirit of Christmas. We extend our deepest thanks to the dedicated staff, whose hard work made the event truly special.

Gratitude also goes to the SHOUT Program's Leadership Group from Roosevelt High School, who played with and cared for the children throughout the festivities. The "Adopt a Family" program's toy donation brought smiles, while the Carrillo family's delicious hot dogs and snacks added a delightful touch.

A shout-out to the Boyle Heights Baseball program for their presence, enhancing the joy of our celebration. Together, we're creating lasting memories and embodying the Salesian values of community and generosity.



These lovely volunteers come from the Adopt-a-family organization that has helped 40 families this year get presents for Christmas. We have worked with this organization for a couple years now and these volunteers have delivered the gifts from the collaboration. We are so grateful to the Adopt-a-Family program for bringing so much Christmas joy to our


Learning how to dance by BellaTec GYM!

Some of our girls from Winter Camp were invited by the BellaTec gym to stop by for a ballet class. Our girls were able to learn the basics of ballet and have fun doing it! Thank you to BellaTec for the amazing class!

Thank you BellaTec for your support!


CyberPatriot program.

CyberPatriot is a national youth cyber education program created in the United States to help direct students toward careers in cybersecurity or another computer, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.

This was during their Round 2 competition. They had to compete with surrounding schools in the community. They proudly represented SHOUT and Roosevelt High School to the best of their ability.


Tupe club

Our youth is getting ready to promote the Vape campaign. They are working on a poster on other activities they will present during the campaign. They take this very seriously since they’re in a community that is exposed to Drugs very often.


Getting ready for Elections!

Our leadership group had to present why they were fit for the position they were running for. Once they finished, the group all had to place their votes for the best candidates. The cabinet consisted of a president, vice president, photographer, and treasurer. These are a few of the students who ran for their respected positions.


Our SHOUT Tac group, along with other students, decided on having a team bonding so they can get to know each other better. This consisted of games that were created by the students themselves. They took charge of getting everything and organizing the fun event. New friendships were formed and the students became more comfortable with one another.


The Salesian Family Youth Center is present at other events to advocate for: children and youth in the community, small businesses, nonprofits, equality, education, etc. Click on the document below to read more!


Thank you so much for reading our e-news! we have been working diligently to keep supporting our children!

If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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