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SFYC Lights Up LA with Youth Empowerment, Community Engagement, and Inspiring Events!

Updated: Mar 21

February has been a busy month. We had our second annual gala, where we raised $70,060.24 thanks to the support of many good people like you who read this e-news. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. However, besides our big event, we also have many great activities that are changing our children's and youth's lives. Below, you will find a short resume of all these amazing activities! Thank you for being part of our family, and congratulations to our honorees!

Enjoy this e-news!


SHOUT Leadership at Roosevelt High: Inspiring Dreams and Empowering Futures

On February 1st, the SHOUT leadership session with Roosevelt High School students was truly inspiring. Reflecting on how they want to be remembered, these young minds shared aspirations that touched our hearts. In the latest session, we explored their unique stories, capturing them in a collective book. We also uncovered a dreamer among them, aspiring to give a TED Talk. We're honored to empower her journey. These students embody courage and determination, turning golden thoughts into impactful actions.


A Big Thank You to Wendy Quintero Navarro, Author of "You are the Light of the World: Magical Mantras for Children"! 

On February 2nd, Wendy dedicated time to share her wonderful book with our children, engaging them in activities that encouraged self-discovery and confidence. Wendy's passion for empowering young minds is truly inspiring. Her book fosters personal growth and self-awareness in children. Thank you, Wendy, for spreading light and positivity in our community! Get "You are the Light of the World" at


Salesian Youth Movement in Boyle Heights

On February 8th, In Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, a dynamic team from St. Mary's Parish, Santa Isabel Parish, Salesian Family Youth Center (SFYC), St. Bridget Parish, led by Fr. Marco César and Fr. Héctor Franco, spearheads a vibrant youth ministry. They're shaping a robust Salesian youth community through surveys, websites, and a cohesive social media approach. This collective effort promises an inspiring journey in Boyle Heights.


We went to Chicago: Empowering Youth Leadership and Journalism

As part of our commitment to empowering youth, we traveled to a Chicago leadership conference. The idea is to help our young people understand leadership and develop their own to improve our society. One of the objectives of this trip is to empower our young people to write their own stories of leadership development.


Making a Difference: Youth Volunteers Serve Los Angeles Homeless Population

On February 11th, nearly 60 youths from various Salesian presences in Los Angeles made a difference for over 1,000 homeless individuals by preparing sandwiches and bags with personal hygiene items. We extend our gratitude to the donations from the Restless Hearts Foundation and St. John Bosco High School, as well as to the young volunteers from Salesian High School Bishop Mora, St. Mary's, St. Isabel, St. Dominic Savio, and St. Bridget Salesian Parishes, St. Joseph Salesian Retreat House, and students from Roosevelt High School who are part of the SHOUT Program.


Enriching Experience at LA Chamber's 36th Inaugural

Attending the 136th Inaugural of Los Angeles, hosted by The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, was an honor. Celebrating 136 years of business leadership, the event brought together over 800 influential leaders, highlighting the region's global economy. Held at the Skirball Cultural Center, it provided valuable networking opportunities. Thank you to Maria Salinas and the Chamber for this enriching experience!


Reimagining Evangelization

Dr. JC Montenegro's recent conference on February 16th shed light on the critical need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in the evangelization process. Addressing a diverse audience of parish leaders and Youth Ministers, Dr. Montenegro emphasized the importance of love and charity as precursors to sacramental catechesis. His insights underscored the urgent call to rediscover the essence of evangelization in today's world.


Celebrating Community at Dolores Mission School's Gala!

Representatives from the Salesian Family Youth Center enjoyed Dolores Mission School's Community Fiesta on February 17th. Notably, the school serves many of our center's children, and one outstanding student received recognition as Salesian Youth of the Year. The event, graced by Father Boyle of Homeboy Industries, highlighted the vital role of community support in youth education. Kudos to Dolores Mission School for fostering such impactful gatherings! 


"Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Your Heart" 

Reflecting on inspiring student experiences at the Hispanic Leadership Conferences held on February 23, we gathered with the remarkable students of Roosevelt High School's SHOUT Program. Their stories resonated deeply, embodying resilience with the phrase "Todo lo que deseas está al otro lado de tu corazón." We explored leadership, personal challenges, and community importance in seizing opportunities. Grateful for their contributions, we eagerly anticipate witnessing their future applications of these valuable lessons.


Salesian Center Hosts Inspirational Visitors

On February 23, the Salesian Family Youth Center welcomed two notable visitors. First, Edgar Alonso, a seasoned member of the Salesian community and current staff at Salesian High School Bishop Mora's Onwards program, discussed opportunities for service with Los Angeles youth. Plans are underway for joint service activities with Salesian High School students. The second visitor, Michael Castillo, showcased his financial education app. We look forward to integrating it into leadership training sessions with young leaders, enhancing their financial literacy skills.


Gratitude Shines at Salesian Family Youth Center Gala

On February 24th, the Salesian Family Youth Center hosted its Gala, drawing over 277 attendees. We extend heartfelt thanks to friends, benefactors, and the Salesian family for supporting our mission to aid youth in reaching their full potential as upstanding Christians and citizens. With your generosity, we raised approximately $70,060.24 for our programs. Special thanks to United Airlines and all who contributed to our auctions. Your support makes a profound difference.


Troop 82563’s First Girl Scout Cookie Booth Success!

We are thrilled to announce that Troop 82563 had a fantastic debut at our first Girl Scout Cookie booth! Thanks to the incredible support of our community, we were able to sell over 100 boxes of cookies. The girls had an amazing experience interacting with customers and learning valuable skills. A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported our troop! Your generosity helps us continue to empower these young girls to become leaders in their community. 


As you can see, we have been busy this month. Thank you so much for reading this e-news! 

If you would like to be part of our family, please visit our website at

God is good! 

Salesian Family Youth Center Team!

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