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Having fun and raising 65k... curious? keep reading! :)

By JC Montenegro, CEO of the Salesian Family Youth Center

Two years ago, the Salesian Family Youth Center embarked on a journey that initially filled our team with apprehension: organizing a Gala. In 2023, our inaugural Salesian Family Youth Center Gala aimed to bring together friends of our center without losing funds critical to supporting the children we serve.

Thanks to widespread support, we successfully raised approximately $40,000.

Motivated by the visionary spirit of Don Bosco, we set our sights higher for the 2024 Gala, aspiring to invite more guests and host a grander event. Despite our initial fears, we chose to trust in the greater purpose of our mission, recognizing that the Salesian Family Youth Center is part of a divine plan.

This year, under the leadership of Juana Rodriguez and a dedicated committee, we accomplished remarkable feats. Their energy and commitment turned the dream of a larger Gala into reality, filling me with immense pride and honor. Witnessing so many individuals united by the common goal of supporting underprivileged children and youth was truly inspiring.

Paying tribute!

The Gala paid tribute to three pivotal figures in our organization's history. JR Dzubak of Boys and Girls has been a mentor to me and has provided invaluable opportunities for kindness to our center. Jonathan Rodriguez, CEO of Right Just Painting, not only donated over $60,000 by painting the exterior of our facility but also offered free vocational training classes to our teenagers and participated in selecting the Salesian Youth of the Year. Héctor Payán, who led the Salesian Family Youth Center for nearly two decades, transformed the lives of countless children and youth in Boyle Heights.

Youth of the Year Awards

We also honored three remarkable young leaders with the “Salesian Youth of the Year” award. Sofia, a Dolores Mission Elementary School student and Girl Scout; Brina, recognized as Junior High of the Year; and Heidi from the SHOUT Program, a High Schooler of the Year who has contributed significantly to the Salesian Volunteers Program by feeding over 500 individuals in Skid Row.

The 2024 Gala was a resounding success, raising over $60,000 to support the Salesian Family Youth Center's programs that benefit more than 1,700 children and youth annually. This achievement is a testament to the power of education and community support in changing the world.

You are a super hero!

The success of this year's Gala reinforces our belief in the collective power of individuals united by a common cause. It is a reminder that when we come together, guided by faith and a commitment to service, we can make a significant impact in the lives of those we aim to support. The Salesian Family Youth Center looks forward to continuing its mission, inspired by the generosity and spirit of all who have made our dream a reality.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Gala Booklet

In this link you will be able to find our Gala booklet where all our sponsors are listed! thank you so much for your support!

2024 Gala Booklet
Download PDF • 8.61MB

Thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for next year's Gala!



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