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Salesian Youth of the year award - 1k for education!

Don Bosco used to say to young people, “Do the ordinary things in an extraordinary way,” which is exactly what we are looking for with the Salesian Youth of the Year. We want to recognize the fantastic job our young people are doing in our community.

Two weeks ago, nine young people decided to apply to become the next youth of the year. They filled out an application, wrote some essays, and got ready for the interview, where some of our staff and board members learned more about their lives as members of the Salesian Family Youth Center.

The board members and staff learned so much about the participants in the interview. These young people are making a difference in the life of so many in the community. Here you have an example of what our Salesian Youth of the Year Candidates shared with the board members and the staff.

Get to know our Youth of the Year Candidates

After a tie competition, the following young people were awarded a Salesian Youth of the year:

1.- Elementary Youth of the Year

2.- Junior High Youth of the Year

3.- High School Youth of the Year

We congratulate our young people who are our Youth of the Year! We will get to know them better in our future editions!

Celebrating our Youth!

On May 26, 2022, we celebrated our first Open House. At this event, we had over 200 people who joined us to celebrate this fantastic program. Thank you to all who participated in this amazing event!

Here you have the Salesian Youth of the Year winners!

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