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Social Responsibility and Transparency

By, Jc Montenegro, Ph.D.

One of our commitments as an organization is to make us great stewards with the resources from people who believe in our mission. With this in mind, we have created what we call "The End of the Year Report" in the last three years. This report is a way to be responsible and transparent with our society.

As you know, last year was a challenging year because we all suffered from COVID. Nonetheless, the Salesian Family Youth Center kept the doors open and served the most vulnerable of our community, our children. You will find everything done and accomplished in the last school year at the End of the Year Report.

I hope you enjoy reading this report as we enjoyed doing it.

If you want to be part of this fantastic organization, please joy us in the mission of transforming the lives of the children and young people of our community.

Here you have the link where you can find the report


Jc Montenegro, Ph.D.

Executive Director.

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