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Reaching for their DREAMS!

Since the summer was over, we have not had any time to catch up with our e-news. Yet, many things have happened, things that are changing the lives of our children. Here you have a short resume of all the craziness of the last two months. We hope you enjoy it.


SHOUT Program at Roosevelt

Morning Tutoring continues to be a success. Students have the opportunity to ask for assistance and get their homework done before starting school.

After a long day of school, students enjoy playing jumbo jenga. It's always great to see them interact and challenge one another.

After COVID, these interactions are special for each of our teenagers that we served.


Young Adult Concert at the Salesian Family Youth Center

"A house without music is like a body without a soul" Don Bosco.

On August 7 the Salesian Family Youth Center opened its doors to Fr Fico (Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles), Haven Sound, Roka Fuerte, and Yeshuas to have a wonderful concert where they have promoted the union, love and faith through praise music.

Soon we will have more events at the Salesian Family Youth Center ... Stay informed !!#salesian #salesianvolunteers #salesianfamilyyouthcenter #donbosco #lamusic #youngartist


Walk on the beach!

The youth group, made up of young people from the confirmation program, young people who participated in SYLC (Salesian Youth Leadership Conference) and Counselors from Camp Salesian, took a walk to the beach of Bolsa Chica.

Don Bosco loved taking walks with the youth of the oratory to strengthen fraternal ties, promote the oratory to the places where they went and sensitize the young people in contact with nature.

They spent most of the day swimming, then they shared food, enjoyed the sunset, rented a bicycle, walked on the seashore and later Martin Neria, a Salesian volunteer who has come to Ecuador 5 months ago, led a prayer and the traditional good Salesian nights.

They also enjoyed a delicious cake in honor of Fabian who had his birthday.

Do you want to be part of this youth group? Don't lose track on social media !! Soon we will invite you to more activities !!

Do you want to help us continue to make this possible? go to and donate from $ 15 a month !! #salesianvolunteers #salesian #losangelessalesian #youthgroup #beachday #happybirthday #beachtrip #sylc


Become a volunteer - Invitation

Are you between 13 and 18 years old and want to do something different? Do you want to meet more people your age, make friends and make a difference in the life of a child? Dare and volunteer!

At Salesian Family Youth Center we are waiting for you today from 6 to 7 pm for our 2nd meeting We will wait for you! We gonna start the Oratory on September 25th!! #salesianvolunteers #catolico #jesus #catolicos


Salesian Community of Boyle Heights Met to Collaborate!

The representatives of all the Programs that work with young people and teenagers (Youth Ministers) of the Salesian Centers of Los Angeles have met to present their Programs, objectives, opportunities to work together for the good of young people and expose the options that students from the different High Schools in the area have to fulfill their hours of social service:

Salesian Family Youth Center: Youth Leadership Program, Miguel Magone Oratory, We Care Program, Camp Salesian, Teens Group, and others.

Saint Mary's Church: Confirmation Program, Sunday Youth Mass (readers, organizing events, etc.).

Iglesia de Santa Isabel: Participate in the liturgy (and other programs to come).

Saint Bridget Chinese Salesian Catholic Church: Their community center is under construction, they have a youth group.

Salesian High School Bishop Mora: They only have programs for Salesian High School students. #wearesalesianfamily #salesianvolunteers #salesianvocation #donbosco #wecareprogram #youthleadershipprogram #nonprofitorganization


Youth Leadership Program

From our Youth Night last Thursday. We had more than 50 young people who will be in the Leadership Program and the Confirmation Program. We will wait for you! #youthministry #salesianvolunteers #salesian #donbosco #catholicyouth #la #wakawaka #donbosco #salesianfamilyyouthcenter


Breakfast Fundraiser

Teens from our Youth Group along with members of their families raised nearly $2,000.00 for their end-of-the-year activities. Items served were Pancake combos, Breakfast burritos, Chilaquiles, Tacos, Mole, and Menudo! Our youth is constantly being empowered to do great things for the community and the community always response well by supporting their efforts. A huge thank you to all who attended any of the breakfast fundraisers!


Oratory team meetings

Oratory is back! What is the Oratory? Oratory is not a physical place, Oratory is a unique educational model that embraces the concept of creating a caring, loving, and nurturing environment where the young can learn (School), grow in faith (church), feel comfortable (home), and ultimately be happy (playground). Oratory volunteers (animators) have been meeting to prepare for our Saturday program training on the Salesian spirituality, Don Bosco's preventive system, and planning field trips, workshops, and activities. Oratory Miguel Magone started on Saturday, September 25th!


Salesian Force

Our eighth-grade Salesian force team is won became tournament champions! This is only the beginning of an awesome basketball season. All our Salesian Force teams are doing a great job, working hard and playing even harder. Thank you to all the parents that are always here to support us and the girls who proudly represent our Salesian Family Youth Center.


Summer Camp Talent Show

Our summer camp ended this year and we celebrated by having a talent show! Our campers performed for their friends and family, enjoying the last day.

It is amazing to see how everyone comes together to support our campers!


We Care is back from 2 to 6 PM

We Care is back in session and our kids are learning with us every day after school!

Here they receive homework help, a lunch, and participate in enrichment activities.

Our children are super excited to be back to school!


New Teen Group at the Salesian Family Youth Center

We are happy to provide a new Teen Club that meets every Tuesday at 6pm! We have 30 committed teens that spend time discussing things that go on in life as well as doing fun activities! This was their first field trip to the movies where we attended a private watch party.


As you can see, lots of things are happening at the Salesian Family Youth Center. We are alive and we are celebrating life by empowering our young people to be agents of transformation in our society!

If you would like to be part of this amazing experience, become a volunteer, donor or board member!

For more information, please contact our Executive Director!

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